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Nov 07

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Hefei University of Technology is a national key university administrated directly by the Ministry of Education. It has been listed in major national initiatives seeking to enhance the international competitiveness of the top-tier universities in China such as Project 211 and Project 985 Innovation Platform.

About School of Economics at Hefei University of Technology

The history of the School of Economics (SOE) at Hefei University of Technology (HFUT) can be traced back to the major of industrial foreign trade in the mid-1980s. Its undergraduate program in Trade and Economics began in 1993 (renamed as Economics in 1999). Postgraduate program in Industrial Economics began in 1999. Postgraduate program in Regional Economics and Quantitative Economics began in 2006. SOE was accredited to grant master’s degree in Applied Economics in 2010. The professional master’s program in Finance was approved in 2014. Full-time faculty members total to 51, including 1 committee member sitting on the Economics Teaching Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education, 7 professors, 1 Distinguished Professor titled “Huangshan Scholar” (part-time). SOE is the home to 932 undergraduate students, including 10 from overseas, 215 postgraduate students. SOE has established cooperation with many research institutes domestic and abroad, including Oxford University, University of California at Berkley, Clark University, University of Technology Sydney, Kurume University, Kansai University and so on. In the recent five years, SOE has made fruitful academic achievements. It publishes more than 500 academic papers, more than 50 of which are on SCI, SSCI, EI and CSSCI journals, as well as more than 30 academic publications. It has also undertaken 25 national research projects such as National Nature Science Fund and National Social Science Fund and the research funds total to more than RMB 10 million yuan. Over the years, with the vision of becoming “high-level, internationalized and featured”, SOE persists in promoting talent training through high-quality scientific research and discipline construction and focuses on developing applied economics through the integration of economics, engineering and management. Thanks to its thousands of graduates, SOE will continue to make outstanding contribution to the economic development of the nation and local society.


Conference venue:

School of Economics, Hefei University of Technology (Emerald Lake campus)



485 Danxia Road, Hefei, Anhui 230601, P. R. China.





Rooms have been reserved at Lakeside Hotel and Tiangong International Hotel located in the HFUT Emerald Lake campus – the main campus where the conference will take place. The hotels have more than 1000 rooms and suites that can accommodate guests with families. For reservations, please contact the conference. For oversea participants, your registration fee includes the hotel stay. 

To get to the conference, for oversea participants, there are several options:

a. There are direct international flights to Hefei’s Xinqiao International Airport. For example, Taipei<-->Hefei. 

b. Participants can fly into Shanghai’s Pudong International Airport (PVG) and make a connecting flight to Hefei’s Xinqiao International Airport. Or Shanghai is only less than 4-hour away from Hefei by high-speed train. 

c. Participants can fly into Beijing and make a connecting flight to Hefei’s Xinqiao International Airport.  Or Beijing is only less than 5-hour away from Hefei by high-speed train. 

There are several on-line services that can help purchasing the high-speed train tickets. For example, Note this travel service is not associated  with our conference.  

When you arrive in Hefei, If you want to reach the meeting site by taxi, you can let the taxi driver see this "请把我送到合肥工业大学翡翠湖校区北门,具体地址为合肥市经开区丹霞路北门,谢谢!".

Conference can make arrangement for airport or train station pick up. Please contact the conference if you have such a need.



、 合肥新桥机场--合肥工业大学(翡翠湖校区)

(1) 机场大巴转公交车 (起点:新桥机场,全程约2小时50分钟)新桥机场出发:乘坐机场大巴5号线 → 桐江饭店站下车(3站),往回走50米右转至桐城南路约200米乘坐150路公交车前往合肥工业大学(翡翠湖)方向 → 合工大新区站下(18站),步行200米到达合肥工业大学。

(2) 机场大巴转出租车 (起点:新桥机场,全程约2小时)新桥机场出发:乘坐机场大巴5号线 → 桐江饭店站下车(3站),乘坐出租车前往合肥工业大学(北门)约24元。

(3) 出租车 (起点:新桥机场,全程约45分钟)新桥机场出发:乘坐出租车前往合肥工业大学(北门)约100元。

二、 合肥火车南站--合肥工业大学(翡翠湖校区)

(1) 公交车 (起点:合肥火车南站,全程约50分钟)合肥火车南站出发:乘坐T7 → 大学城站下(7站),步行100米到达合肥工业大学。注:整点发车,运营时间7:00-18:00.

(2) 出租车 (起点:合肥火车南站,全程约30分钟)合肥火车南站出发:乘坐出租车前往合肥工业大学(北门)约24元。注:合肥南站出租车排队严重,可以前往火车站西落客平台或者任意乘坐公交车1站路后打车。

三、 合肥火车站--合肥工业大学(翡翠湖校区)

(1) 公交车 (起点:合肥火车南站,全程约1小超40分钟)合肥火车站出发:合肥火车站北广场上车乘坐北广场摆渡车 → 中绿广场站下车,中绿广场乘坐226路 → 大学城站下车,步行100米到达合肥工业大学。

(2) 出租车 (起点:合肥火车南站,全程约40分钟)合肥火车站出发:乘坐出租车前往合肥工业大学(北门)约47元。


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